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Imperfections & scratches are to be expected when it comes to owning a car. Blemishes coupled with improper detail techniques that add swirling scratches in your car’s paint detract from your vehicle’s visual appeal. Our paint correction and coating processes reverse these and makes future maintenance on your car easier for years to come!


First, we spend time using our buffing tools to remove the scratches set in your car’s paint. After, we apply the ceramic coating across your car by hand. It then chemically bonds to your car’s paint, creating a thick layer of protection. The ceramic coating goes beyond a simple wash and wax by providing a shield against light scratches, UV rays, hard water spots and other chemical hazards. Additionally, it can be applied on wheels, trim, plastics and windows for more added protection. 

To book an estimate for a coating & correction, please call us at (908) 442-6049 or book online​

Benefits of ceramic coating your vehicle...

•   Ensures that your vehicle's paint stays protected for the lifetime of the coating

•    Significantly easier to clean

•    Prevent chemical staining or etching from bird droppings and bugs
•    Greatly enhance the glossiness and shine of your vehicle
•    Protects your car from minor scratches and swirls 

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